Town Asks for Extension on Paying Property Taxes

Huntington Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci and colleagues from other towns have requested a property tax payment deadline extension to Aug. 1 from Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and County Executive Steve Bellone.

 Lupinacci said that, in a letter dated March 26 and again on April 10, he had asked  the two for the delay for residents to make the second half of their tax payments.

 The Town of Huntington cannot take this matter into its own hands without intervention by the state and county, Lupinacci said.

Lupinacci and the Suffolk County Supervisors Association wrote, “On behalf of the Suffolk County Supervisors Association, I am requesting that the Governor issue an order to assist those people who pay their property taxes directly and not through any authorized escrow account held by a mortgage company, lender, bank or mortgage servicing company which are due by May 31, 2020 by allowing for a waiver of penalties and interest for payments made by August 1, 2020. We also would like to request that the assessment role final date of May 1 be moved to Aug 1 and Grievance day be moved from the third Tuesday in May to the third Tuesday in August.”

The second letter was from Lupinacci and other members of town government.

As of April 17, the Town of Huntington has not received an answer to its request.

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