Town Board Authorizes Actions Against Blighted Properties

The Town Board of Huntington has voted to authorize appropriate actions be taken against certain properties designated as blighted.

This resolution, offered by Councilwoman Joan Cergol at the Town Board meeting July 16,  authorized actions to remedy blighted properties if the owners fail to enter a restoration agreement or take steps to remedy the conditions themselves.

The properties  are:

30 Penfield Drive, East Northport, 26 Corlett Place, Huntington Station, 47 St. Andres Drive, Huntington, 116 Columbia Street, Huntington Station, 204 Old Country Road, Melville, 228 Elwood Road, East Northport and 650 Washington Drive, Centerport.

One address, 26 Ambrose Lane, Northport, has previously corrected blighted conditions or has entered into a Restoration Agreement. They are currently in compliance.

The resolution was adopted 5-0.

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