Town Board Declares Bald Eagles of Centerport Day

What started as a casual hobby for a few eagle-eyed residents but turned into a draw for people all over the world has been recognized with the establishment of  Bald Eagles of Centerport Day on Sept. 25.

The pair of eagles that nest near Mill Pond have fledged 10 eaglets, and their comings and goings have been documented by hundreds of photographers who come from around the world. A Facebook page devoted to the eagles, and where hundreds of photos of the eagles have been posted, has nearly 20,000 fans.

Rob Schwartz, who founded the Facebook page and group, told the Town Board Wednesday, which voted to establish the day, “During Covid and during the last election cycle, these eagles broke many barriers down by uniting the community with a common cause, to admire the most patriotic, beautiful, graceful symbol of the American spirit.”

Councilman Mark Cuthbertson said, “The eagle are a very special part of Centerport now. I would encourage people to go to your Facebook page if they can’t go to Centerport and see them in person. The pictures on your page are spectacular and the group is doing just such great things to  educate people.”

Festivities at the Vanderbilt Museum’s Eagles Nest will feature live rescue raptors, including a bald eagle, golden eagle, owls and more. An art,photo gallery will be on display, and a movie about the eagles will play hourly. Raptor face painting, educational and entertainment, vendors, a raffle and more.

Proceeds will support the organization Wildlife In Need Of Rescue and Rehabilitation.

Vendors include the State Department of Environmental Conservation,  Gorilla Conservation Coffee, Glaser Mills, and Oyster Bay Brewery.

The eagles were first spotted in 2017 in their nest high in a tree in a commercial parking lot and soon began to draw interest. Nearly every day, and regardless of the weather, photographers gather on the bridge passing over the pond to tell the stories of the birds and their offspring.

Tickets are available here.



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