Town Board Meeting Includes Code Enforcement, Zoning Rules

The agenda for Wednesday’s Town Board meeting is packed with public hearings and resolutions on issues  expected to bring out residents eager to express their opinions.

Changes in C-6 zoning for downtown Huntington, establishment of a code-enforcement court and a plan to join a bike-sharing program are among the many items the board is expected to take up.

On Sept. 13,  Supervisor Chad Lupinacci, and Councilmen Ed Smyth and Gene Cook announced a plan to change C-6 zoning, which they said would restrict development density, size and environmental impact in Huntington Village. They said their proposals would address concerns cited by those opposing big developments and their complaints about a lack of parking  for those proposals.

However,  their proposals have led to more opposition from many who believe the changes would actually allow more dense development. 

Several proposed developments in the downtown have provoked criticism and varying levels of opposition. A  project involving five parcels on Stewart Avenue,  Main and Gerard streets brought out such a huge crowd in opposition at a  Zoning Board of Appeals meeting earlier this year that the hearing was adjourned and never rescheduled.

And those advocating for more apartments are worried that any zoning changes would make it more difficult to build affordable units. The issues will be debated in a public hearing but are not slated for a vote.

Also on the agenda are the authorizing of a temporary pilot program to allow on-leash dog walking in a portion of Heckscher Park, the ceremonial renaming of the town to “The Town of Hauntington” in recognition of Halloween, Thursday, October 31, and appointments of a deputy director of the department of information technology, a deputy director of public safety, members of the beautification council and the board of assessment review.

The code-violation court would take cases out of District Court, to be handled by an administrative law judge. Cases that previously were considered criminal would become civil cases and the town would most likely need five hearing officers, one of whom would be the director of the Administrative Adjudication Bureau.

The bureau would  cover a large number of issue from throughout the town codes; Amending the Code of the Town of Huntington, Chapter 93 (Civil Remedies) and Chapters 50 (Public Nuisances), 73 (Advertising; Distribution of Circulars), 74 (Affordable Housing), 76 (Alcoholic Beverages), 78 (Animals), 91 (Carnivals, Circuses, Fairs and Amusement Events), 92 (Clothes Drop-Off Bins), 97 (Consumer Protection), 99 (Dix Hills Water District), 104 (Electrical Standards and Regulations), 108 (Film Permits), 109 (Firearms), 111 (Fire Prevention Code), 115 (Games of Chance), 117 (Solid Waste Management; Collection, Recycling and Disposal), 119 (Graffiti), 120 (Harbors and Waterways), 124 (Housing Standards and Property Maintenance), 130 (Junkyards), 133 (Littering and Dumping), 134 (Local Waterfront Consistency Review), 135 (Loitering, Parking and Congregating), 137 (Marine Conservation and Regulation of Marine Structures), 141 (Noise), 143 (Outdoor Lighting), 145 (Parades and Public Assemblages), 149 (Peddlers and Solicitors), 150 (Christmas Trees), 151 (Petroleum and Other Fuel Products, Sale of), 153 (Plumbing Regulations), 156 (Property Maintenance; Nuisances), 156A (Bamboo), 157 (Public Benefit Incentives), 159 (Recreational Facilities), 160 (Registration and Permitting of Property), 164 (Sewer Use Management), 168 (Floodplain Management), 169 (Coastal Erosion Management), 170 (Stormwater Management), 171 (Streams, Watercourses and Wetlands), 172 (Land Conservation), 173 (Streets and Sidewalks), 180 (Taxicabs and Vehicles for Hire), 183 (Tow Trucks and Towing for Hire), 184 (Trapping), 186 (Tree Preservation and Protection), 189 (Unmanned Aircraft Systems), 191 (Unsafe and Damaged Buildings and Structures), 193 (Recreational Vehicles), 195 (Waste Management), 196 (Wood Burning and Coal Appliances), and 198 (Zoning); to establish a Bureau of Administrative Adjudication to hear cases of Town Code violations that threaten public health, safety and welfare, except for violations of the Building Code (Chapter 87). 

The Town Board meets at 7 p.m. at Town Hall.

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