Town Board Notes: ‘Spiritual Cleansing,’ Free HART Day, Typewriter Donation

A man raised objections at Tuesday’s Town Board meeting to the idea of temporarily renaming the town Hauntington for Halloween, as it did last year. Objection to Hauntington designation, at 2:02:48  of video.

Eric Yearwood, who identified himself as a bail bondsman and cultural anthropologist, said, “It’s been almost a year since town ceremonially changd name in order to boost paranormal tourism. The spiritual and psychological fallout has proved disastrous.”

He noted recent reports of UFO sightings, and said, “If they were all right and we’re being visited from the sky,  what’s so crazy about taking a stand against visitations from the grave? I’m asking this committee to renounce the name change and approve a spiritual ritual cleansing of the Town Council office.” He said he’d already reached out to a local priest and was confident “he d be on board”  such an action. “This is one of the oldest communities in America…Native American burial grounds, Revolutionary War graves, put them together What do you get? I don’t know but why don’t we just leave it alone.”

“I’m not comfortable with my city board ushering in some sort of paranormal tornado in exchange for tourism dollars.”

The Town Board renamed the town for the day last year at the request of a young girl.

HART Bus Fees Waived Friday

The Town Board also approved the waiving of fares for the Huntington Area Rapid Transit (HART) fixed-route service on Friday to promote sustainable commuting for Car Free Day, an initiative of Transit Solutions.

HART Bus operates a network of four regularly scheduled bus routes that provide affordable basic mobility to the general public within the greater Huntington area. The routes are:

  • H10: Commack – Cold Spring Harbor (via E. Northport, Greenlawn, Huntington Sta., Huntington)
  • H20: South Huntington – Halesite (via Walt Whitman Shops, Huntington Sta., Huntington)*
  • H30: Walt Whitman Shops – Halesite (via S. Huntington, Huntington Sta., Elwood, Greenlawn, Centerport, Huntington)*
  • H40: Walt Whitman Shops – VA Medical Center (via S. Huntington, Elwood, E. Northport, Northport)

The board approved the donation by the Town Clerk’s Office of an obsolete  electric typewriter to the Northport Historical Society. The board resolution said the society was in need of a typewriter for educational purposes and the Brother EM 630 series machine.