Town Board Says No to Retail Sales of Marijuana

The Huntington Town Board unanimously rejected retail marijuana sales Tuesday night, but it could change its mind next year.

Under state law, municipalities had until Dec. 31 to decide whether retail sales of the drug. While it could change its vote to yes next year, it could not vote to permit sales and then come back and reject them.

Discussion in recent months has centered around the wisdom and the value of tax receipts from permitting the sales, or problems related to allowing them. Some drug counselors and others have warned against the sales, while others believe permitting them would bring in valuable tax receipts and reduce sales of marijuana laced with other illegal drugs.

In August 2019, the Town Board unanimously voted to prohibit the use, sale and distribution of marijuana for recreational purposes anywhere in town. That was enacted after a public hearing in June 2019, which was scheduled in response to Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s proposal to legalize recreational marijuana at the time.

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  1. Absolutely wrong of them to say no! This is the law and law should be followed. Thank you for bring this type of information to the masses so everyone can see what is happening here!!

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