Town Board Schedules Public Hearings

The Huntington Town Board has scheduled several public hearings for its Oct. 13 meeting, including:

  • Authorizing various actions be taken upon certain properties designated as blighted in accordance with Chapter 156, Article VII, §156-60 (Blighted Property). (Re: Schedule A – Jessie Mae Washington, 68 Dix Hills Rd, Huntington, SCTM#0400-159.00-02.00-050.000; US Bank National Association, 8 Cottage Court, Huntington, SCTM#0400-147.00-03.00-063.000; Jeffrey Scudder/Dianne Rothgaber, 28 6th Ave, Huntington Station, SCTM#0400-142.00-02.00-048.000)
  • Amending the Code of the Town of Huntington, Chapter 137 (Marine Conservation and Regulation of Marine Structures), Article VI (Construction and Reconstruction of Marine Structures); adding two requirements to the process for applications received by the Department of Maritime Services for the construction or substantial reconstruction of a dock before a Board of Trustees public hearing is scheduled on the application: the Department of Maritime Services must inform the Board whether the proposed construction will interfere with the public’s right to use the waters or if it will impede or disrupt navigation, additionally, if the dock is located within the boundaries of an Incorporated Village, a copy of the application must sent to the Village Clerk of the respective Village, allowing the Village 45 days to send their recommendations or comments to the Town Board.
  • Amending the Uniform Traffic Code of the Town of Huntington, Article I (Definitions; Word Usage) of Chapter TC1 (General Provisions); adding the newly established federal holiday of Juneteenth to the Traffic Code for the purposes of free on-street metered parking on the holiday.
  • Amending the Uniform Traffic Code of the Town of Huntington, Chapter 2, Article V, §2-10, Schedule I.  Re: Turkey Lane – Cold Spring Harbor –School Speed Limits; reducing the Speed Limit on Turkey Lane from 30 MPH to 20 MPH during school hours from 290 feet north of Fox Hunt Lane to Erick Court at the request of residents.
  • Amending the Uniform Traffic Code of the Town of Huntington, Chapter 3, Article II, §3-3, Schedule J.  Re: Woodhull Road – Huntington Station – Parking Restrictions; adding No Stopping restrictions on the east side of Woodhull Road from Nassau Road to Cheshire Street.

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