Town Board to Consider Scheduling Standalone Public Hearings

The Huntington Town Board will consider separating future public hearings on zone changes from its regular meetings to accommodate large crowds.

The board voted recently to accept a proposal put forth by Councilman Gene Cook to consider scheduling public hearings separately.

Public hearings involving zone changes and large development proposals frequently draw large crowds of residents wanting to speak on the plans. In the past, the board simply moved the regular meeting and hearings to another location, such as Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School.

“I am proud that my colleagues supported this resolution, as we all worked together to amend the resolution to clarify and ensure to the public that we recognize the need for clear communication when developers submit applications for zone changes on large areas of land, or when there are town code amendments that impact land use on a large scale.”,Cook said.  “Once the proposed zone change or town code amendment impacting land use is deemed worthy of a public hearing, part of this process will include finding an appropriate location, within the  impacted area, to allow sufficient occupancy and parking for the public to attend the hearing; and allow for it to be the only town business that evening.  What makes Huntington the wonderful community is  the residents’ participation in voicing their wants for our community.”

The resolution was approved unanimously.

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