Town Board Urges Passage of LIPA Ratepayers Protection Act

The Town Board is urging the state legislature and Gov. Cuomo to pass LIPA Ratepayers Protection Act.

The goal is to make Long Island Power Authority trustees responsible to Long Islanders, not Albany, and provide oversight and transparency. The board passed the measure Nov. 8.

The nine members of the LIPA Board of Trustees  are appointed of the governor, temporary president of the senate and speaker of the assembly. The LIPA Ratepayers Protection Act would require eight of the nine LIPA Board of Trustees be elected from districts of equal population established by the State Legislature and one trustee, serving as chairperson, be appointed by the governor subject to confirmation by the senate. 

The Town Board scheduled public hearings for the Tuesday, November 20, 2018 Town Board Meeting at 7 p.m.

 To consider authorizing various actions be taken upon certain properties designated as blighted in accordance with Chapter 156, Article VII, §156-60 (Blighted Property).

 To consider amending the Code of the Town of Huntington, Chapter 198 Zoning, Article XVI Zoning Board of Appeals §198-112 Rules as to Procedure; Hearings; Notice, specifically, to consider streamlining the notice requirement procedure for the Zoning Board of Appeals: in the event a ZBA meeting is cancelled, hearings scheduled for that date will automatically be rescheduled for the next scheduled ZBA hearing date with no re-advertising required, saving the Town from duplicative costs of advertising, and so that applicants do not need to wait an additional six to eight weeks to be heard.

·     To consider adding No Parking restrictions on the east and west side of West Gate Drive in Cold Spring Harbor, from 250 feet north of Promenade Drive extending 200 feet north in order to prevent interferences with parked vehicles and golfers at the recommendation of the Town Department of Transportation and Traffic Safety.


The Town Board also scheduled public hearings for the Tuesday, Dec. 4 Town Board Meeting at 2 p.m.

·         To consider designating as an historic landmark the building and property known as the “The Burr House” or Old Burr Farm, 423 Town Line Road, Commack.

·         To consider the granting of a variance and the issuance of a special use permit and to consider the execution of a license agreement pursuant to the Marine Conservation Law, Town Code Chapter 137 for the construction of a residential fixed pier and floating dock assembly. Applicant: Douglas J. Whitcomb, Location: 50 South Harbor Road, Northport, N.Y.

In other action, the Town Board:

  •  Authorized the Supervisor to apply for and receive grant funding under the State and Municipal Facilities Capital Program: $7.35 million for a parking deck at Cold Spring Harbor LIRR train station; $4 million for Huntington LIRR train station parking improvements; $38,608.50 for lighting at Greenlawn Memorial Park.
  •   Authorized the Comptroller to appropriate $16,300 from the Environmental Open Space and Park Improvements Fund to purchase and install engineered woodchips, which will be cleaner, easier to maintain, safer and more handicap-accessible, to replace sand bases in playgrounds at Arboretum Park and John J. Walsh Park.
  •   Reappointed existing members, appointed new members and designated a Chair of the Town of Huntington Conservation Board: reappointing Joy S. Squires, Paul J. Ponturo, Scott Driver, Richard Meyer, Andrew Wilson, Julie Sullivan; appointing Kamazima Lwiza, Mary Feigman, Dr. Matthew J. Zisel; and designating Squires as Chairperson.
  •   Reappointed existing members, appointed new members and designated a Chair of the Town of Huntington Citizens’ Advisory Committee for Persons with Disabilities: reappointing Maureen Donohue, Trudy Exelbert, Alfred Huberman, Marianne Iannacone, Pearl Levy, Martin Mandelker, Thomas Mangan, Tamar Sherman; appointing Jennifer Forte; and designating  Iannacone as Chairperson.
  •    Authorized the adoption of revised Town of Huntington Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment and Complaint Procedure.
  •  Authorized the adoption of the Town of Huntington Concussion Management Protocol.
  •  As members of the Huntington Local Development Corporation, appointed Leah Michelle Jefferson as Executive Director for the Local Development Corporation.

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