Town Hall Adds Security Barrier

Huntington Town Hall has added another security barrier, after an incident involving a man who entered the building and bypassed security staff.

The barrier is adjacent to the security desk near the entrance to the building.

Vincent DiBenedetto of East Meadow was arrested last week after he went past the security desk to the town clerk’s office where he said he wanted to pick up a copy of his mother’s death certificate.  In the process, he refused to prevent identification to guards at the desk and was operating a video camera. He got into a confrontation with the town’s public safety director and was arrested.

The decision to add the barrier was made after consultation with law enforcement and facility managers, the town said.

“This is a reasonable precaution that doesn’t impede government services”, said Town Supervisor, Ed Smyth.  “It is a delicate balance between providing public access and employee and visitor safety.”

The building at 100 Main St. remains open to the public from 8 am – 4:30 pm Monday – Friday and during public meetings.  The Town’s Receiver of Taxes Office has hours that begin at 8:00 am.


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