Town Seeking Artwork Proposals for Traffic Signal Boxes

The Huntington Public Art Advisory Committee is seeking additional design
proposals for five traffic signal boxes in various locations in Greenlawn.

The boxes are at the intersections of Broadway and Ann Street, Broadway and Pulaski, Broadway and Cuba Hill, Pulaski and Taylor, and Pulaski and Cuba Hill.

Proposals might include trompe l’oeil (an illusion of a three dimensional object), transformations of signal boxes into other objects, use of representational images to celebrate the community’s history or culture, or abstract or decorative proposals.

Bold forms and vibrant colors that can be easily viewed by motorists stopped at the traffic signal, as well as by passing pedestrians are encouraged.

See for a list of existing box artwork.

Previously submitted submissions will only be considered if re-submitted in consideration for this project, the town said. New proposals are now being sought to provide additional designs for consideration.

Artists, photographers, or design professionals in the NY metropolitan area are eligible to respond to this request for proposals.

Each  installation has an anticipated budget of up to $1,500, comprised of an artist design honorarium of approximately $900+, and a fabrication/installation budget of between $500 and $600.

Call 631-351-3309 or e-mail: [email protected] for questions.

Submission Deadline: NOTE: Submissions via e-mail will NOT be accepted. Proposals must be received (NOT postmarked) at the following address no later than noon, March 6 :
Lori E. Finger, CPPB
Director of Purchasing
Town of Huntington
100 Main Street, Room 209
Huntington, NY 11743-6991

Sunrise on Huntington Bay/  Robert Giordano



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