Town Speeds Up Permitting Process for Some Projects

Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci announced Monday that the town is now processing building permit applications for swimming pool and demolition permits within one day if all paperwork is submitted properly.

“Our goal is to cut red tape and make it easier to live, work and do business in the Town of Huntington,” Lupinacci. “A more efficient permit process directly impacts the quality of life for residents and business owners.”

Lupinacci noted that the town had already been processing same-day plumbing permits for approximately a year and a half.

After Lupinacci asked the town Building and Housing Department about what project permitting could be issued more quickly,  pool and demolition permits were found to be the best choices to begin with.

Given the shorter season for construction and use, swimming pools were determined to be an obvious choice.  Before the new policy took effect, pool permits were issued after plan review, which took anywhere from four to eight weeks, the town said.

With demolition permits, the Building Department assessed that if an applicant wants to remove a structure there is typically a pressing need, such as a safety issue, which put demolition permits at the top of the list. Before Lupinacci’s initiative, demolition permits would take four to eight weeks to process.

Since the policy went into effect in March, 146 swimming pool permits and 124 demolition permits have been issued. An estimated half of the permits were issued same-day, delayed only by a lack of required documentation submitted by the permit applicant.

There are requirements to ensure same-day turnaround. The applicant must submit all necessary documents in order for the Town to issue the permits:

Swimming pools may require an Outdoor Water Pool Permit Application (Form 87-02), a survey, a site plan, an Owner’s Affidavit for Water Pool Permit (Form 87-03) for steep slope analysis, a Certificate of Workers Compensation insurance, and a Suffolk County license. View specific instructions on submitting swimming pool permit applications.

Demolitions may require a Demolition Permit Application (Form 87-04), a survey, disconnection letters from applicable utility providers, a Certificate of Workers Compensation insurance, a Suffolk County license, and an asbestos survey. View specific instructions on submitting demolition permit applications.

For more information on how to apply for building permits, please contact Building Permits Coordinator Steve Kiewra at [email protected] or visit

More same-day permits are on the horizon. The Town is examining whether it can offer same-day review for other small projects, such as decks and sheds.

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