Town Willing to Work With Others for Waterfront Music Festival

The Town of Huntington said Thursday that it would work with other individuals or organizations willing to host a waterfront music festival after Wednesday’s cancellation of the long-running Huntington Lighthouse MusicFest.

Posting on Facebook, the Town said, “The Town of Huntington fully supports the idea of a waterfront musicfest-like event and we are happy to provide the support necessary, including access to Town property and facilities, to facilitate the event. If there are any organizations or individuals interested in hosting an event in the place of the cancelled musicfest, please reach out to Jonas Wagner in Supervisor Lupinacci’s office at [email protected] and he will be happy to walk you through the process of obtaining the permits and approvals to host such an event on Town property.”

Spokeswoman Lauren Lembo said, “If someone is interested we are happy to walk them through the process.”

Thursday’s posting was another round in a battle that broke out publicly Wednesday when the Huntington Lighthouse Preservation Society posted on its page that the Musicfest would be canceled this year because organizers had been unable to develop a partnership with the town. That brought a sharp and detailed response from the Town, which insisted it had been working all along with Musicfest organizers.

UPDATE: Lighthouse MusicFest Canceled as Organizers, Town Debate Handling



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