Trivia Championships Underway in Huntington

About 32 qualifying teams are going head-to-head at Brew Bros. in Huntington in the Major League LI Trivia Championship.

Hosted and created by Howie Kunzinger, this is the second championship event the trivia company is hosting – the last one held in August.

“Last time, 24 out of the 28 qualifying teams came out,” he said. “I’m anticipating about 120-150 people on Saturday.”

It all started about five years ago, when Kunzinger suggested  trying trivia games to a friend trying to bring more traffic into his bar.

The games are simple and fun. They consist of six categories, 10 questions
long. The questions change every week and it takes about two hours. The best part is, every week  creates new questions. It’s always fresh and always changing.

Since he started the company in 2014, Major League Trivia has grown to having two others helping Kunzinger out, adding five games a week all over Long Island.

His Huntington games are held on Wednesdays at Finnegan’s (9 p.m.), Sundays at Brews Bros. (8 p.m.) and Napper Tandy’s in Northport on Tuesdays at 8 p.m.

But Saturday’s event at Brews Bros. is unique compared to other trivia groups around. The winners of each of the events will battle it out. The bar puts up prizes and bagpipe players serenade the crowd. Best of all? It’s free to play.

“We hold the championship to say thank you to all the players who come out every week,” Kunzinger said. “It’s their one night to geek out.”
The trivia groups have become a community, Kunzinger added, saying that people tell him they look forward to coming out and meeting up with their trivia colleagues. And it’s just not just for young people.

“The most successful teams are the ones of mixed ages,” he said. “It’s always a diverse crowd and the greatest thing about it is that I can mix up the questions and references to cater to a large group of people.”


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