Two Selected for ‘Woman of Distinction’ Awards

Maria Ryan of Greenlawn and Mirlynn Myrthil of East Northport have been selected as the 2019 “Woman of Distinction” for the 18th and 16th Legislative District’s in honor of Women’s History Month this past month.

The Suffolk County Legislature hosted a luncheon on March 26 to acknowledge women throughout the county for their  service in their communities. Legislator William R. Spencer, MD recognized Ryan at the event.

“Maria’s dedication to helping others has no bounds,” he said. “As a tireless advocate for those in need of support and assistance, she has worked to help the unemployed, the homeless, the ill, our youth, local families, and the elderly.”

Ryan has been a volunteer with multiple organizations and agencies throughout Huntington. She coordinated an illness and bereavement support group at her local parish and served as a liaison for the volunteers at the Carillon Nursing Home, where she is also a eucharistic minister.

She is a parent in the Harborfields School District PTA and worked to educate families on drug addiction, mediation and techniques to help adults and students deal with life pressures.

Some of her other efforts included participating with the Huntington Interfaith Homeless Initiative, volunteering with New Hour for Women (a program which helps incarcerated women assimilate back into the community), has assisted with establishing a countywide baby boutique, and was an organizer of a fundraiser for children with cancer.

Suffolk County Legislator Susan A. Berland honored Myrthil for the 16th district for her volunteer work with Operation Cinderella, a not-for-profit organization that collects prom dresses and distributes them to teens that otherwise would not be able to afford them, and serves as a community-based Parent Advocate, assisting Huntington’s Haitian Creole speaking population in navigating the process by which families petition to have their children evaluated to benefit from CPSE and CSE services.

Legislator Susan A. Berland with Mirlynn Myrthil

Myrthil works as a Care Coordinator at Family Service League and heroically helped a group of young girls who were sexually assaulted on a field trip with their day camp last summer.

“Lynn’s passion for the safety of our children was unmistakable and fervent. Lynn is an example of what civic participation can and should be and what happens when constituents and elected officials collaborate to effectuate change,” said Legislator Berland. “I have come to know Lynn as an advocate for the voiceless, a defender of those in need and a champion for change. Lynn’s selection as my ‘Woman of Distinction’ for the 16th Legislative District is well deserved.”



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