Update: Town to Remediate Area Cleared at Mill Dam Park

The Town of Huntington has been told to replant trees and other vegetation after a protected area around the wetlands in Mill Dam Park were cleared.

Updated: Supervisor Ed Smyth said at last week’s Town Board meeting that the dispute over the trees’ removal was “a paperwork issue” because papers weren’t filed before thre trees were cut down. He said the DEC found the removal to be “appropriate” because the trees were encroaching on the pilots’ view of the helipad, which is used by emergency services.

The state Department of Conservation said this week that the town agreed to a remediation plan after it removed dozens of trees  in November, a result, the town said, of requests by the Suffolk County Police Department to improve the sightline for pilots landing at a helipad adjacent to the area.


The DEC said it met with the town of Huntington on Jan. 25 to resolve the Notice of Violation issued on Dec. 11  and to discuss the need for corrective actions following tree clearing in a protected area adjacent to designated freshwater wetlands.

The remediation includes:

  • Area adjacent to helipad parking field to be restored as scrub/shrub habitat and maintained as such to prevent the growth of trees;
  • Area west of parking field and adjacent to entrance gate to be graded to match surrounding elevation;
  • Area west of parking field to be restored with 25 native trees, one-inch caliper;
  • Area west of parking field to be seeded with a native seed mix consisting of upland grasses and forbs; and
  • Plantings to be completed by June 15.

The DEC said it would continue to monitor the restoration to ensure all parts of the plan are accomplished. The town was not fined for the damage.



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