Video Shows Jan. 9 Brawl, Beating at Big H Center

2nd UPDATE: Videos obtained by Huntington Now media show students engaged in a violent brawl Jan. 9 at the Big H center.

Suffolk police arrested a teen on Feb. 12 and charged him with third-degree assault and are seeking others. The teen was not identified because of his age.

Three young men were arrested that day and charged in a stabbing that police have said was a separate incident the same afternoon though some members of the Huntington Latino community say the brawl and stabbing were one and the same event.

Huntington Now Media obtained three cellphone videos depicting the brawl that broke out involving several high school students.

One of the videos clearly shows the brutal beating of someone lying prone on the ground, including an attacker leaping into the air to land a powerful kick to the torso of the defenseless victim.

Cellphone video

3 Indicted in Stabbing at Burger King


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