Voters Making Plans on How to Cast Their Ballots in Nov. 3 Election

Huntington residents are making plans on voting in the Nov.3 election and, based on a non-scientific poll, early voting is a popular though not only choice.

Early voting begins Oct. 24, and seems to be favored by many Huntington residents who recently responded to a non-scientific poll on social media.

Residents who responded to the question on Facebook cited a variety of reasons, from getting their votes recorded early to the convenience of being able to pick the best day to cast their ballots.

One woman said she was concerned about waiting until Nov. 3. “All the voters in my household are going to vote early when the polls open at Dix Hills FD. Reason being that we don’t want to take any chances that the government will shut everything down again to prevent ‘in person voting’ on November 3rd.”

(New York State did indeed shut down primary voting on Sept. 11, 2001, because of the attacks on the World Trade Center but conducted it two weeks later.)

But by no means is early voting the only plan.A poll on an Eatons Neck residents page showed a clear preference for voting on Nov. 3, with one person adding that she’ll be out of state that day, so is voting by absentee ballot. 

On a Melville residents’ page, plans varied. One woman wrote that she was voting by mail. “I think this is the safe way to vote. I am looking at all the what if’s, what if I get Covid-19 and I am in quarantine and can’t vote. What if there is another outbreak here and poll workers are in short supply. So many questions and I want to make sure I vote. Thanks.”

On the Huntington Voices Facebook page, many chose early voting but not all. Some who will wait until Nov. 3 said the lack of lines on Election Day was a factor. “Voting in person, most likely on Election Day. The polls have never been crowded when I’ve gone in the past,” one woman wrote. And another wrote, “In person. We are grateful our polling place has never been crowded nor have we ever waited more than 5 minutes. Some areas are not as fortunate in that respect.”

One woman wrote, “In person on Election Day. There will be not a shred of doubt cast on an in person vote. I will be in protective gear, with a water bottle and snacks. I’m prepared for a long wait.”

“Voting early on Oct 24th in person,” or similar comments was very common. “My husband and I will bring our absentee ballots to a drop-box at the Huntington early voting site on 10/24” while others said, “Voting in person. Probably early at the Huntington Public Library. Station Branch. Can’t wait!” or  “Early in person. Both myself and hubby. College kids (2) are voting via absentee ballot.” And “First available date for in person voting!”

Another said he and his wife will be voting on Election Day, but an older relative living in the house will be voting absentee. 

And one person wrote, “Early Voting, in person, because as long as I’m healthy, I will let the absentee ballot be used for those people, like my Mom and elderly neighbor who shouldn’t have to go to the polls and risk anything to their health. I will also be dropping their ballots off at the early polling station when I go to vote in person.”

Early voting runs  Saturday, Oct. 24 to Sunday, Nov. 1.




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