Wall Street to Transform Into Winter Wonderland



Town and business leaders lit up a huge Christmas tree on Wall Street Friday night to kick off a holiday spectacular. 

The winter wonderland will run from Saturday to Jan.3. The Christmas tree is meant to represent hope and harmony.

The spectacular is sponsored by the Town of Huntington, the Huntington Business Improvement District, Huntington Business Recovery Task Force, Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce and Looks Great Services. The nightly festivities will include lights, music and surprises. 



6 Replies to “Wall Street to Transform Into Winter Wonderland”

  1. How much of our tax dollars here in Huntington went to putting up that monstrosity of a tree and all of those decorations? This is shameful. There are people starving in Long Island and there are people without jobs and don’t tell me, oh – this is going to give restaurant workers more work. People are not going to the restaurants because it’s unhealthy and unsafe because nobody wears rest masks in the restaurants and nobody enforces wearing masks. That is why the restaurants are closing. Because nobody wants to die to keep your little restaurant open. Had people been more responsible with mask wearing, restaurants would be open and we would not need to put a ridiculous gargantuan tree in the middle of town to try to draw in people. What do you think the people working at the hospital think of your putting up that tree and encouraging even more people to come and get each other- and us innocents – sick? This is despicable and shameful.

  2. Thanks Mary for your “positivity” during the holiday season, because that’s what we need is more people like you in this world !!! LoL
    Lighten up Mary… And this is why Santa doesn’t visit you, because you “kill” the spirit of Christmas with your nagging and whining! Toughen Up & Shut Up!
    You are a part of this “Snow Flake” generation that whats to “cancel” life and anything special about it.

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