Wildcat Booster Club Offers Game Streaming

Members of the Wildcat Booster Club will be able to watch live streamed games from Whitman High School’s turf field.

Those who join the Booster Club for $30 will receive a full school year access to live streams of sports action on the turf field.  For the 2018-2019 school year, the Wildcat Booster Club has purchased 500 annual passes ($60 value) and will distribute access codes to all paid 2018-2019 members.

Instead of paying an outside company $60 for the live Feed access, anyone can join the Booster Club for $30  and receive the same annual access for free. Club members will have access to live streaming games on the turf as well as a video library after the game. After 72 hours the past games will be available on the site for anyone to view at no charge. L

ive streaming of graduation will also be available free to everyone. to everyone for free. Contact the booster club  for additional information or see their e-board under Athletics on the district website.

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