Zeldin Drops By Fall Festival at Heckscher

State Sen. Mario Mattera addresses Zeldin supporters./ HuntingtonNow photo

Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin dropped by the Long Island Fall Festival Saturday, greeting an enthusiastic crowd of supporters, some of whom addressed him as Governor, while others urged him to “save our state.”

He walked along Prime Avenue, which was lined by festival booths, greeting people in the crowd and posing for photos with other elected Republicans, several retired Marines, the two chairmen of the festival, and several vendors. Some of his supporters carried flags bearing his name, while others shouted his name; one man in the crowd pleaded quietly for him to “Just do it, Governor. Just do it.”

The congressman was accompanied by Alison Esposito, who is running for lieutenant govenor.

Among the Republicans who greeted him were Town Supervisor Ed Smyth, Suffolk County  Comptroller John Kennedy, Town Clerk Andrew Raia, Town Councilman Sal Ferro, State Sen. Mario Mattera, who pointed out to the crowd that he was the first senator to endorse Zeldin, Huntington party chairman Tom McNally and state assembly candidate  Aamir Sultan.

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  1. If Mr. Zeldin has concrete evidence that the 2020 election, or any part of it, was stolen, then it is his patriotic duty to reveal that evidence. If he does not have such evidence , then it is his patriotic duty to publicly assert the validity of the election. Public officials whose job it is to certify elections have accepted the results of the 2020 election across the Country. Multiple court decisions have upheld their decisions. Vague insinuations that election results are not legitimate serve only to lower the public’s confidence in the very mechanism of democracy itself. That may strengthen the Republican Party in the short run, but it weakens the United States of America itself toward which all of our citizens owe our primary allegiance over any party or foreign government.

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