Zeldin Pushes Reopening of VA Center’s Beacon House

U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin is reiterating his call for the reopening  of the homeless shelter  at Northport VA Medical Center – known as “Beacon House” – after it failed to pass fire safety inspection following an extended renovation.
“Building 11 has provided a critical service for our local veterans that have fallen into homelessness, providing shelter on the same campus where they have access to the medical assistance and psychological care which treat, what all too often are, the factors that have driven them into homelessness in the first place,” Zeldin said.
According to Northport VA, Building 11 was closed in January because of stress on its heating system caused by a prolonged period of below average temperatures.
While repairing the heating system, it was determined additional repairs were needed, including electrical and asbestos abatement. Due to the extended period of non-occupancy, Building 11 is no longer grandfathered in under previous building codes and must now meet the updated standards for new construction, which has caused this further delay in re-opening.

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