Zimmerman Joins Democratic Race to Succeed Suozzi

Democrat Robert Zimmerman announced Tuesday that he will run for the 3rd Congressional District spot held by incumbent Tom Suozzi, who is running for governor.

Zimmerman, a businessman and a member of the Democratic National Committee, said, ““We have to restore people’s confidence that our government is there for them. Too many feel overlooked and unseen. It is my commitment to lift up the voices of those who are not being heard. Whether it’s veterans, middle class families trying to balance the pressures of everyday living or our senior citizens, people in our communities deserve to have a Member of Congress that they can trust will have their back. I will be that Congressman.”

Zimmerman, a Great Neck resident, has served as a congressional aide on Capitol Hill, a businessman, and as a national
advocate for many causes, including Planned Parenthood, LGBTQ+ rights, Medicare for All, tax fairness, gun safety policies, a truly safe and secure Israel and a two-state solution in the Middle East, comprehensive immigration reform, border security, defending voting rights, restoring the SALT deduction, taking on those that deny the climate crisis, and standing up against hate crimes,

The Democratic Primary is scheduled for Tuesday, June 28. For more information or to volunteer, log on to zimmermanforcongress.com

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