2 Funeral Homes Announce Restrictions During Pandemic

M.A. Connell Funeral Home in Huntington Station and Nolan  Funeral Home in Northport have announced a policy to deal with service during restrictions brought about by the coronavirus epidemic.

Both websites posted nearly identical notices, from Michael Connell and Mark J. Nolan. 

“After careful consideration of the various guidelines, mandates and restrictions being handed down in recent days, everyone at M.A. Connell Funeral Home has come into agreement on certain policies we will be immediately enacting and adhering to in the hope of keeping our community safe,” the post said.

The changes include limitations on the number of visitors, discouragement of handshakes or hugging, limits on appointments to visit the home, and limits on the length of services. The note said memorial visitation could be offered in the future once the epidemic restrictions are lifted.

“We feel any less than adhering to these current policies would be irresponsible to the families we serve, our community, and our own families and staff here at the funeral home. These policies will hopefully be adjusted as more information becomes available and new guidelines are set by the CDC and local or state authorities,” Connell said. “As unsure as the days ahead may be it is our hope that with the proper precautions and with the understanding of our community we can do our part to help limit the spread of this illness and to keep everyone’s loved ones safe.”

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