Amtrak Work Slows LIRR Westbound Trains

The Long Island Rail Road said Monday that westbound delays are averaging 15 to 20 minutes because of Amtrak work in the East River tunnels.

The delays have led to angry tweets from commuters, aimed at both the LIRR and Amtrak, including this from the account  @LIRRComplaints, “ you have all @#%S^S  weekend to get #%#! done at penn and because you $$#$#@! crooks are late at doing everything thousands of commuters will now be late to work. I hope you feel good about yourselves. I hope someone buys you the $@!A(& out of Penn so u can leave for good.”

and Poor communication on part for not communicating better and maybe lighting a fire under Amtrak’s @$^% to have all this equipment/Work cleared up before Monday am commute. You are partially to blame as well. Love paying $300 a month for this ^#!.”

added, “Pretty sure we dealt with last summers @#*% SPECIFICALLY to avoid this exact situation…”

LIRR Crossings Getting Safety Upgrade

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