Bald Eagles Celebrated in Centerport


Centerport’s bald eagles and other raptors were the center of attention Saturday as their fans gathered at the Vanderbilt Museum to celebrate them and watch the release of a hawk into the wild.

The arrival of eagles that nested near the Mill Dam Pond and began producing eaglets has drawn hundreds of photographers and thousands of fans from around the world to a Facebook page created by Rob Schwartz. The page is filled with remarkable photos of the eagle pair and their offspring diving into the pond for food, building their nest, interacting with other birds and soaring over water and land.

Town Councilman Mark Cuthbertson, who sponsored the resolution designating the day for the birds, presented Schwartz with a resolution honoring the group”s work to help protect the birds and educate residents. Numerous photos of the birds, many taken by photographers familiar to those who follow the Facebook page, were on display in a vendor tent, and the group collected pet food donations to give to animal rescue organizations.

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    1. Would love to know where you get your information from. These false claims only hurt rescue groups. This is iunfortunate but we will continue to do whatever we can to make a difference to help WINORR.

  1. Hey Rich. Do some research before you pound your keys there. The face book page was created so everyone could share the amazing eagle experiences. The creator of the page and other volunteers works tirelessly to educate people and raise funds for rescue and rehab of wildlife. You should get your facts straight. Financial gain?? The money raised goes to the rehab.

  2. The Facebook page has ruined Centerport. It does nothing but attract more and more people into our community who don’t care about Centerport. What’s worse is Rob and his band of photographers chase these poor birds all over Centerport double parking, blocking streets, speeding through the streets with no regard for safety, trespassing on private property, and making loud noises every single day of the year.

    1. Bob so sad that you don’t have the correct information on this group. They have done nothing but protect the bald eagles and other wildlife in this area. Rob and his hard working group of volunteers are always working to keep them safe and the town clean. Yes in the past there were a few selfish people in the group but no longer. If you took the time and went to meet them you would see for yourself how dedicated they are and how putrid they are if their community

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