Bathrooms Vandalized at Heckscher Park

Vandals damaged the bathroomson multiple occasions at Heckscher Park recently, setting off a round of repairs, damage and more repairs.

Residents turned to social media in the last few days to complain about the damage.

A town source confirmed earlier last week that damage had been so severe that raw sewage leaked from the bathrooms and the area about them had to be closed down for repairs, leading to the installation of Porta Potties.

Someone who posted to at least two Facebook pages said the Porta-Potties were also damaged.

A town spokeswoman said last week that Suffolk County police were being “extra vigilant” about what is happening at Heckscher and other parks.

Some park users have been complaining recently about teenagers climbing onto the roof of the bathrooms and shouting at people, though there was no information about who actually committed the vandalism.

On Sunday, a Public Safety vehicle was parked near the bathrooms and an officer was nearby, partially obscured from view.

Recent Heckscher Park complaints mirror others found on several parent groups on Facebook,  griping about teenagers and pre-teens deliberately damaging their fences, riding bicycles wildly across parking, ordering food deliveries at libraries and then leaving their trash behind, and other behavioral issues.

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