Broadway Talent Brings in Business for Northport

Situated in picturesque Northport Village, the John W. Engeman Theater boosts impressive Broadway talent year round on Main Street.

The historic Northport Theater, built in 1932, was sold to and renovated by current property owners Kevin O’Neill and his wife, Patti, in 2006. The theater company is owned and managed by Kevin O’Neill and Richard T. Dolce. Since opening in 2007, they have delivered over 60 productions and numerous events and fundraisers.

The theater is a cultural and economic asset to the community with the ability to seat up to 400 guests in one showing. “It was always our hopes that the theater would bring in additional business to local merchants.” said Kevin O’Neill, “We are open year round and have 110,000 guests visit us a year.”

A vibrant addition to the town, the theater sends business to neighboring retail stores, jewelry shops, coffee houses and restaurants, bringing guests in from all over Long Island.

Even restaurants like Sweet Mama’s, nearly a mile away, have benefited from yearly productions. “The talent they host are some of the best I’ve seen,” said Marios Patatinis, owner of Sweet Mama’s, “It’s been a privilege to partner with the theater and we are pleased to offer discounts to ticket holders when they chose to dine with us.”

“Each year season ticket holders are coming from further east,” said Kevin O’Neill, as their client base expands throughout Long Island. Season ticket holders are generally between the ages of 50 to 75, but the theater is family friendly and entertains all ages.

Current and upcoming productions include:
Buddy – The Buddy Holly Story: January 17th – March 3rd.
Seussical the Musical: January 26th – March 3rd.
A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder: March 14th – April 28th.

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