Campaign Notes: Signs and Ballot Propositions

It’s campaign season, in case you haven’t noticed. Colorful campaign signs have blossomed everywhere around Huntington, on lawns and on public space, as well.

A three-block grassy strip on the east side of Park Avenue holds more than 80 signs in bright shades of red, yellow, orange blue and combinations of red, white and blue. Signs from all three candidates running for the supervisor’s job, two of the four candidates for Town Board and both candidates for highway superintendent line the road.

On the opposite side of Park Avenue,  there’s a cluster of a half dozen signs at a nearby intersection and another 15 or so signs line the that side of the road.

The town says signs improperly placed on public property are being removed.

“The Department of Public Safety Sign Division has two sign inspectors out in the field daily,” town spokeswoman Lauren Lembo said. “They are actively removing signs from all public rights of way, including state and county roads. We ask that all candidates remove their signs as soon as possible after Election Day. All signs found by the Town will be discarded.”

The Last Days

With early voting underway and Election Day on Tuesday, the mudslinging has intensified. Flyers distorting the looks of opponents, complaints that anti-Semitism was behind remarks made at a forum, threats to file complaints with officials over comments caught on a porch video, and a subsequent meme making fun of the complaint, accusations of misappropriation of town funds, and a TV commercial featuring a fake parrot that apparently falls over dead, have surfaced in recent days.

Ballot Propositions

New York State has four propositions on the ballot, involving the apportionment process, allowing no-excuse absentee voting, establishing a state constitutional right to clean air, clean water, and a healthful environment, and eliminating the 10-day requirement to register to vote.  Details.

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