Coco’s Legacy Comes to Huntington

A new designer resale boutique, Coco’s Legacy, has materialized at 320 New York Avenue in Huntington. Inside, find candy as trimmings for the body: current and vintage CHANEL, Hermes, Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton, Pucci, Diane von Furstenberg, and this is an incomplete list. All items were collected by shop proprietor, Dana Grace.

It is a saturated setting, small but orderly. Light enters through the windowfront and reflects off of Lucite bags and the crystal baubles hanging from the chandeliers. Coco’s Legacy is a magpie’s (or, for Harry Potter fans, a niffler’s) paradise, the physical embodiment of Man Repeller’s maximalist haven.

Grace worked at Yves Saint Laurent and CHANEL, on the beauty end. Many of her pieces were acquired through the connections she made in the fashion industry, and some, from antique shops. When she looks for garments or accessories, she is drawn to “whimsical” things, she said. For evidence, look to the pineapple-print fabric but also to the raw silk art on the walls, the shoe birdcage and the bathroom wallpaper. If you attend garden parties or if you attend gardens in general and would enjoy camouflage-feet, see slideshow below and then go here.

The prices are mostly steep but Coco’s Legacy is quality abundant. There is neither a tear nor a blemish on a leopard print jacket more than 35 years old. The same is true of an embroidered floral jacket of a similar maturity. Here, there is treasure to be found… except everything is treasure.

For those who live far and/or for those who prefer a virtual retail experience, Instagram is Grace’s online market. For those who want something Coco’s Legacy does not possess, make a request and Grace will try to obtain it. For those who want to be in the presence of every color on the visible spectrum and not feel optically overwhelmed: Coco’s Legacy is right across the street from Book Revue.

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