Countrywood to Go Remote Before Holiday

Countrywood Primary Center will shift to remote learning Monday and Tuesday and return to in-person classes in January when schools reopen after the winter holiday.

Dr. David Bennardo, South Huntington superintendent, said that a physical education teacher who had contact with 16 sections of classes had reported some Covid-19 symptoms and that the district was unable to guarantee the safety of so many contacts. “The teacher’s connection to at least 16 class sections makes it impossible for me to guarantee the Health Department or a community that there was no exposure. Again, I have no reason to believe anyone is ill but cannot take the chance with everyone else’s children, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters,” Bennardo said.

 Countrywood estará cerrado y tendrá clases virtuales el lunes y el martes, como medida de precaución.




S. Huntington Schools to Go Remote for Week in January


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