Covid-19 Update: Cuomo Says Testing Requires Federal Coordination

 Governor Andrew M. Cuomo Saturday repeated his request for federal coordination of the supply chain to improve testing for the novel-coronavirus.

Another 540 people have died in the state since Friday, Cuomo said; though the number of hospitalizations is down, about 2,000 people a day are being admitted to hospitals.

 He said there were 7,090 additional cases of novel coronavirus, bringing the statewide total to 236,732 confirmed cases. 

In Suffolk County, 26,143 have been diagnosed with Covid-19, including 1,108 in the last day.

“Testing is how you monitor the rate of infections and that’s the real tension in reopening,” Cuomo said. “We’re all in the same boat; the tensions is how fast can you reopen without raising infection rate.”

About 30 manufacturers produce tests, which they then sell to local labs and hospitals. For a test to be performed, local labs need testing chemicals known as reagents and there are different reagents for different manufacturer’s tests. The state asked the top 50 labs in New York, Cuomo said, what they needed to double their testing output, and all said they needed more reagents.

Suffolk reported the following, while noting that the number of deaths identified by the state has not been updated for two days.

  • 2,928 COVID-19 tests have been administered
  • 41.5 percent of those tested were confirmed positive for COVID-19
  • 26,702 confirmed cases, up 1,205 from April 17
  • Town breakdown can be found on the Suffolk County COVID-19 Map.
  • 1,538 patients are hospitalized, a decrease of 24 from April 17
  • 518 of hospitalized patients are in the intensive care unit (ICU), a decrease of 3 patients from April 17
  • 693 individuals have died, as of April 15
  • 3,416 hospital beds; 739 ICU beds
  • 123 additional COVID-19 patients were discharged from the hospital in the past 24 hours



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