Cuomo, Trump Spar Over Covid-19 Vaccine

Governors of several Northeastern states will meet this weekend in an emergency summit to align strategies as Covid-19 cases surge across the country, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said Friday.

Cuomo also found himself the target of the President Donald Trump, who said the federal government would withhold the Covid-19 vaccine from New York until Cuomo agreed to not delay its distribution.

Cuomo had said earlier this week that the state would consult with experts before distributing the vaccine because of concerns that the decisions about its distribution might be political and miss the communities most in need of receiving it.

In addition, some healthcare system leaders have said they would not distribute the vaccine until their own experts review the paperwork supporting the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. Later in the evening, Cuomo said, “We trust the drug companies. What the American people don’t trust is Trump.” And he said that New York’s review of the vaccine would not impede its distribution because it would be conducted simultaneously

Earlier, Cuomo said the statewide Covid-19 positivity rate is 2.65 percent as the state conducted a record number of tests, and that 24 virus deaths were reported Friday.

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