Documentary Examines Contributions of Cinema Arts, IMAC Founders

Cinema Arts Centre is hosting a documentary this weekend that explores the contributions and value of arts to the community, featurng the late co-founders of Cinema Arts, Vic Skolnick,  and  the Inter-Media Arts Center, Michael Robard.

The documentary, Impresarios and Visionaries, includes a section on Harry Chapin and Sandy Chapin, as well as Paule Pachter, CEO of Long Island Cares/the Harry Chapin Food Bank  who will join filmmaker Steve Taub on stage to discuss the documentary.

The two brought cultural experiences to Huntington through their institutions and brought communities together. The film shows how presenters, artists and audience are connected.

“Between them, Michael Rothbard and Victor Skolnick gave Long Islanders 30 years of evenings out that did not involve the multiplex or mall. Mr. Rothbard (live music) and Mr. Skolnick (art-house movies) were founding fathers of independent suburban culture, providing the offbeat, international, avant-garde, funky, cult, vintage, classic or just old,” the New York Times wrote in 2010.

A portion of the film focuses on Harry Chapin, and Sandy Chapin; Long Island Cares CEO Paule Pachter will appear in the film and onstage with filmmaker Steve Taub to answer questions from the audience.

Attendees are asked to bring non-perishable food items to help Long Island Cares battle food insecurity in the Huntington area.

The documentary will show Sunday  at 2:30 PM. Ticket information:


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