Drug Program Expands in Dix Hills

Madonna Heights, a drug rehab center that is part of the St. Christopher-Ottilie Family of Services, has doubled the number of beds in its facility in Dix Hills.

Addiction Now said the site has two programs to help women who need addiction treatment — Morning Star 1, which helps single women with substance use problems, and Morning Star 2, which allows children to stay with their mothers while they go through drug addiction treatment.

“We are expanding the footprint of Morningstar 2, which is the mother-infant program,” said Heath Bloch, chief operating officer of SCO Family of Services. “We are doing that to address the needs of the families, to keep mothers and infants together.”

There are 28 new beds, 14 designated for mothers and 14 for their children, Bloch said.

The Madonna Heights Group Residence offers short-term and traditional long-term residential placements.

The site had a ribbon-cutting last week to celebrate the expansion.

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