Dual-Stream Recycling to Return in January

Huntington residents will return to dual-stream recycling in January because of the collapse of the global recycling market.

The Town Board will vote on the change at its meeting Dec. 18.

Dual stream means the return to alternating pickup weeks, with bottles, cans and plastics collected one week and paper and corrugated cardboard the next. The market collapse had led to the shutdown of  the Town’s single-stream recycling processor in October.

The Town of Huntington is also asking residents to pay more attention to their recycling to ensure the materials, including keeping paper recyclables clean and dry.

“Huntington is 100% committed to recycling and protecting our environment, which is why we are adopting dual-stream recycling as of January 2019,” said Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci. “Dual-stream recycling is the only cost-effective, environmentally responsible option available that will allow the Town to continue our recycling program.”

Lupinacci encourages residents and business owners to follow important recycling tips to improve the quality of the Town’s curbside recyclables, which will help keep processing costs down: 

      Keep paper recyclables clean and dry: Wet and soiled paper and cardboard are NOT recyclable. Keep paper dry by putting a lid on paper recycling containers. Ensure paper is clean by keeping paper separate from your bottles, cans, and plastics.

    Do not place recyclables in plastic bags: Plastic bags are NOT recyclable at the curb (they are only recyclable at take back/drop off sites such as your local supermarket). Remember to rinse your bottles, cans and jars, placing items loose in your recycling container.

·         When in doubt, throw it out. It is better to throw an item in the trash than have it contaminate your curbside pickup, which drives up the cost of processing recyclables.

·         Try to avoid glass: While glass is recyclable, it is very difficult and costly to recycle. If you can find ways to reuse glass or avoid purchasing goods in glass containers, this practice will help keep recycling costs down.

The Town provides recycling decals that can be placed on recycling containers. Recycling decals are available at the following locations: 

·         Huntington Town Hall, 100 Main Street, Huntington, at the front desk in the lobby;

·         Town of Huntington Recycling Center, 641 New York Avenue, Huntington; and

·         All public libraries in the Town of Huntington.


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