Group Plans Conversations Across Political Lines

An organization that says it is dedicated to improving conversation between people of different political views is working with the Cinema Arts Centre to host its first event.

The Long Island Chapter of Crossing Party Lines  will host a conversation Thursday about George Santos, whose lies about his ethnicity, funding, working history and family have led to several investigations, and attempt to oust him from Congress. The first-term Republican, who briefly lived in Huntington Station, represrents the North Shore of Nassau County and parts of Queens. The topic title is “George Santos: What can we learn?”

Among the highights it plans to cover:

  • Whether you voted for him or not, how have you felt about his election and him representing us?
  • What do you believe is the appropriate response to the situation?
  • What can we learn for the future?

The group has been hosting conversations and other events that get to know their “political other” since 2016.

Crossing Party Lines said that it hopes that through “conversations we will rediscover/remember the common humanity we share with our friends and neighbors who happen to hold different political views than our own. From that shared sense of humanity, we can be a part of the movement of rebuilding America.”

The session starts at 7 p.m.

To sign up for the event, go to:

Sign up to become a member of Crossing Party Lines Long Island at:


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