Housing Coalition Gets New Website

The Huntington Township Housing Coalition launched their new web site this week with a new URL: hthcny.org.

The new site includes a statement of core beliefs, in addition to a listing of organizations that can help people find housing, a glossary of housing terms and news on local housing issues.

“We felt it was important that the citizens of Huntington know that we too believe in a vision of the town much like they do,” said Roger Weaving, HTHC president. “We believe in the three- story limit, and we believe that most of the town land should remain single-family homes and parks. But we also believe there is a place for a variety of housing in the town, including affordable housing,” the statement reads.

The  organization also said that development should be done in an ecologically sustainable way. “The Town already has requirements such as the requirement to trap all rain that falls on a person’s property, and they should continue to ensure that our groundwater is replenished and kept as clean as possible,” Weaving said.

The HTHC said that it is important in new development to shorten the distances between where people live, work, and play, to reduce the amount of road travel.

For further information, contact Roger Weaving, president, at [email protected]

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