How To: Figure Out Your Future Congressional District

Updated: We will have more details later but voters in Huntington can determine their new  congressional districts that will take effect in January, by going here:

Redistricting and You

In the righthand column, choose the button from the dropdown menu, “Congress (2024 Enacted; 2025-2032). Then in the same menu, choose the district you want. If you’re in the Town of Huntington, you are in District 1 or District 3.  Just cllck on the map for your general area and zoom into your neighborhood. Or you can simply input your address into the box at the top right side of the page.

We will be writing more about the way the map will divvy up Huntington into the new districts. Some institutions, such as Huntington Hospital, will move into the 3rd. The South Huntington school district will have Stimson Middle School in the 3rd, while Walt Whitman High School and district offices are in the 1st.

If you’re confused, you’re not alone. A reader looking for information Thursday about the new maps noticed that the Town of Huntington website incorrectly identified the district represented by Nick LaLota as the 3rd. He has represented the 1st all along, though in January, Town Hall will be in the 3rd.

And the return of Tom Suozzi to the 3rd, which doesn’t cover Huntington until January, has also confused people who recall him previously representing Huntington. The town was taken out of the district in 2022 but parts of it will return in January.

If you have questions, please contact us.

The new maps were approved and signed into law on Wednesday.


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