How To: Get a Film/Photography Permit in Huntington

The Town of Huntington requires commercial organizations to apply for a permit to film or photograph on town property.

The news media and private non-profit operations are exempt.

Photos taken for personal use, including wedding, prom or other events, on town property do not require a permit, even if the photographer is a professional. However, the town should be notified of such visits. Email [email protected]  so that the Department of Public Safety is aware.

Fees for film permit applications and film permits are as follows:
 $150.00 non-refundable film application fee
 $500.00 film permit fee per location for a full day (from 4 up to 24 hours)
 $250.00 film permit fee per location for a half-day (up to four hours)
 $100.00 Late Fee (Late Application or applicant’s failure to timely submit
all required documents pursuant to §§108-6 and 108-7 of the Huntington Town Code)

To apply for a permit:



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