Huntington Hospital Unveils New Maternity Center

Huntington Hospital unveiled its new state-of-the-art Center for Mothers and Babies Tuesday morning. It is set to officially open on Oct. 17.

The facility will better address the needs of new mothers with 19 private rooms featuring individual showers and sleeper sofas for mom’s significant other. This new facility will allow mother and baby to “more comfortably bond in the same room throughout their hospital stay.” according to a press release. This is designed to promote successful breastfeeding and family togetherness.

Northwell Health President and CEO Michael J. Dowling said, “This is a great sign of progress. In the business we’re in, you need to continue to change all the time. We need to develop new facilities and upgrade old facilities, so we can better serve the public. This is a wonderful example of that. This is a spectacular 15,000 square foot facility that is unbelievably customer-friendly.”

According to Dr. Mitchell Kramer, chair of OB/GYN at Huntington,  several other amenities  make the center stand out. “We have couplet care where the baby stays in the room with the mom, but the baby can also go to the centralized nursery if the mom requests it because she needs a few moments rest. We also have individualized food service, patients get a menu and call up and it gets delivered in a timely fashion. Additionally, we offer a level-two neo-natal care unit for premature babies and babies that need more attention.”

Laura Jabbour, a soon to-be mother and certified nurse midwife on Huntington’s midwifery team, will be one of the first mothers to utilize the center. “I am very excited for the new center for both personal and professional reasons. As you can see, I’m very close to having a baby of my own and plan to deliver here at Huntington. My husband and I will welcome our little one any day now and we know we will receive excellent care here. I think it speaks highly of the level of care of an institution when its own employees choose to receive care there. While I would have chosen to deliver at Huntington regardless of the beautiful new unit, I look forward to experiencing it firsthand.”

Following the ribbon-cutting, Jabbour was given a goodie basket with baby supplies and served a celebratory steak and lobster dinner.


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