Huntington Retains AAA Bond Rating

Moody’s Investors Services has again rated the Town of Huntington’s bonds as AAA.

Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci said, “The AAA rating confirms that we already know: the Town of Huntington was in a strong financial position when the COVID-19 crisis hit and we are prepared for the unknowns that will come as we recover from this unprecedented crisis. This is an achievement that will help us reduce the burden on the taxpayer and continue to provide services cost-effectively as we find more ways to cut red tape.” 

Moody’s Investors Services maintained the Town of Huntington’s AAA bond rating, citing, “The AAA issuer rating reflects a healthy financial position, a large and wealthy tax base and a manageable debt burden with above-average fixed costs. The stable outlook reflects the town’s conservative fiscal management practices, which will support continued healthy operating performance and maintenance of a strong financial position.”

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