Inclusive Playground Gains in Greenlawn

A  playground designed for children of all abilities is expected to open in Greenlawn by September.

The Town of Huntington and the Harborfields School District have approved the project to replace an aging community playground behind the Harborfields Public Library.

Under the Town’s agreement with the school district, the two parties will share the estimated $400,000 project cost.

Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci said that once delivered, the playground equipment installation should take about a month. The Town expects the work to be completed this September.

“We worked together with the Harborfields School District, the Greenlawn Civic Association and the community to make this playground renovation happen. Children of all abilities will be able to enjoy the park. I look forward to the opening in September,” said Councilman Mark Cuthbertson, who helped draft the agreement and sponsored the enabling 2017 Town Board resolution.

In April, the Town unveiled a concept plan that was subject to a month-long public review and comment period.  Plan adjustments requested included: retaining two playground entrances, revising a paved accessible walkway to route it farther from the existing basketball court; and installing additional roadway signage to alert motorists to the playground.

“The public’s voice was heard and the plans were adjusted accordingly,” Lupinacci said.  A link to the summary of the public comments and design alterations would be posted on the webpage of the Huntington Planning Department.

Lupinacci said public comments also included requests for additional benches and shade trees that he hopes can be accommodated under a separate contract when the playground is finished.

The planning review also noted other requests not directly related to the inclusive playground, including changes to the existing basketball court and a proposed cross-access agreement between the school and library properties. Planning officials found those suggestions to be beyond the scope and authorization of the existing Town/School District agreement.

Lupinacci said he thought all the suggestions had merit and he hoped the Town and School District would have the opportunity to explore them further during a future extension or amendment to the agreement.

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