Kickin’ It: Crazy Socks Offering Healthcare Hero Socks as Benefit

John’s Crazy Socks is introducing Health Care Superhero Socks and This Hero Wears Scrubs Socks to honor healthcare workers in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic.

Sales will raise money for the American Nurses Foundation’s Coronavirus Response Fund and the Covid-19 Relief Fund at Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center.

Both the Health Care Superhero Socks and the This Hero Wears Scrubs Socks will sell for $13.99 and, until the end of June, all proceeds ($5) from every pair will go the two Coronavirus funds. Beginning in July, the company will donate 10 percent from every pair to the two Coronavirus funds

John Cronin, co-founder and chief happiness officer at John’s Crazy Socks said, “We made our Health Care Superhero Socks and This Hero Wears Scrubs Socks to say thank you to the nurses and doctors and to give back because they give so much. I love these socks. They are so cool.” John added, “We have a mission to Spread Happiness and we want these socks to make people happy.” 

John’s Crazy Socks was started by John Cronin, a young man with Down syndrome, and his Dad, Mark X. Cronin. John created the business because of his love for crazy and colorful socks and to show the world what people with a differing ability can do.

“We know these health care workers,” Mark Cronin said. “.They are our friends and family. We have seen the hard work they have done, the hours they have put in, the comfort they have brought patients and the bravery they have shown. We stand in awe of them.”

The socks can be purchased at the John’s Crazy Socks online store. The shop remains open as an essential business.

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