LaLota to Temporarily Take Suozzi’s Huntington Office

When Congressman-elect Nick LaLota takes office next week, he will continue to use the Huntington office of outgoing US Rep. Tom Suozzi, at least for now.

Lauren Lembo, the former Town of Huntington public information officer who has become LaLota’s district director, said the office is likely to move to the Hauppauge area, closer to the center of the First District that Huntington is now a part of. Huntington, instead of being central to the district, is now on the outer edge. A decision on just where to move could take a couple of months.

A move out of town would mark the first time in about a decade that there hasn’t been a congressional office in Huntington; both Suozzi and his predecessor, Steve Israel, maintained offices here.

The congressional office is located at 478A Park Ave., Huntington. 


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