Local Students Named to Delaware Dean’s List

These local students have been named to the University of Delaware Dean’s List for the Spring 2018 semester:

Jake Alibrandi of Northport    

Blake Armentano of Dix Hills    

Marisa Artura of Commack    

Olivia Baldanza of Huntington    

Joseph Ball of Huntington    

Jason Berger of Commack    

Sofia Bialkowski of Huntington    

Shannon Brent of Huntington    

Michael Caracciolo of Commack    

Ryan Carvano of Melville    

Olivia Castanza of Huntington    

Hannah Chan of Dix Hills    

Ken Chan of Dix Hills    

Jenna Comeau of Huntington    

Keith Copt of Commack    

Melanie Costello of Northport    

Jacqueline Cotumaccio of Dix Hills    

Jocelyn Creeron of Huntington Station    

Samantha Cuomo of Northport    

Matthew Dietlin of Northport    

Monica Dietlin of Northport    

Raquel Dirocco of Commack    

Alexandra Eichenstein of Dix Hills    

Kayla Eidle of Huntington Station    

Casey Feeney of Commack    

Christie Fitzpatrick of Huntington    

Lonny Fluhr of Dix Hills    

McKenna Friel of Huntington    

Sarah Gewirtz of Melville    

Katrina Giambertone of Cold Spring Harbor    

Nicole Goldberg of Melville    

Lauren Gordon of Northport    

Taylor Hallacy of Commack    

Gregory Hand of Melville    

Spencer Hoffman of Melville    

Danielle Iacovelli of Commack    

Melanie Janes of Northport    

Jack Joyce of Northport    

Alexandra Juliano of Commack    

Jesse Kilmetis of Commack    

Stephanie Kinalis of Commack    

Lauren Kregel of Northport    

Joseph Lacascia of Northport    

Morgan Laffey of Huntington    

Corina Lambraia of Melville    

Natalie Laubach of Huntington Station    

Jacqueline LePage of Huntington    

Madison Lee of Dix Hills    

Jessica Leeb of Huntington    

Olivia Liepa of Huntington Station    

Henry Ludwicki of Huntington    

Nicole Malhotra of Melville    

Alexa Marotti of Dix Hills    

Toni Marotti of Dix Hills    

Richard Martin of Dix Hills    

Julia McGinley of Northport    

Shane Meyers of Huntingtn Sta    

Cassidy Mitchell of Huntington    

Jennifer Most of Huntington    

Hanna Murphy of Huntington    

Kaitlin Murphy of Northport    

Lauren Nicolino of Dix Hills    

Kristina Pennetti of Dix Hills    

Adam Polansky of Commack    

Mollie Ratner of Huntington    

Madelyn Regan of Dix Hills    

Allisa Risebrow of Northport    

Rachel Roday of Huntington    

Alexandra Romano of Commack    

Alicia Roy of Lloyd Harbor    

Baylee Scharf of Melville    

Jamie Scharoff of Melville    

Kristina Scheim of Commack

Stephen Schindel of Northport

Zachary Shushan of Commack

Justin Silberlust of Dix Hills

Victoria Silverman of Northport

Riley Spehler of Cold Spring Harbor

Danielle Stauber of Melville

Colleen Sweezey of Huntington Station

Shannon Thayer of Commack

Paige Tortorice of Melville

Daniel Tropper of Commack

Joseph Weindling of Huntington

Amanda Weinstein of Dix Hills

Carly Zakarin of Dix Hills

To meet eligibility requirements for the Dean’s List, a student must be enrolled full-time and earn a GPA of 3.33 or above (on a 4.0 scale) for the semester.

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