Losing Locks, Fighting Cancer at Whitman High School


Dozens of students, staff, friends and others lined up this week at Walt Whitman High School to have their heads shaved for St. Baldrick’s.

An annual tradition at Whitman and many other schools, volunteers give up their hair as donors contribute funds to a campaign to beat cancer. 

Pomodorino’s fed the contributors and volunteers who organized donations,  lined people up for the barbers and handed out t-shirts.  Chris Scortichini Jr. was knighted and made a member of the Knights of the Bald Table for his multiple donations of hair over the years.

And although St. Baldrick is a mythical creature, the  foundation is not. Founded in 2000, the group says it has raised more than $282 million in research grant funding since 2005. 

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation doesn’t collect hair, those who want to donate to a cause, such as making wigs for cancer patients, should go here.

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