New Family Health Center Primed to Open in Huntington Station

The 18,000-square foot Northwell Family Health Center will open next week,  bringing a range of health services to Huntington Station.

The goal of the new center at 1572 New York Ave. is  “focusing on health instead of illness,” said Dr. Nick Fitterman, executive director of Huntington Hospital, noting many programs are aimed at preventive care and maintaining health. The center is open to anyone.

The sparkling new center will open April 8, and will have seven doctors, two nurse practitioners, and a midwife on staff.

Among the services will be a continuation of a partnership with Island Harvest to provide food to patients who need assistance, an ultrasoun  ere is also a room for blood-draw services.

The center will succeed the Dolan Family Health Center in Greenlawn,which will shift to cancer care services.

Moving to Huntington Station will bring care closer to many of the people who most need Northwell’s care, Fitterman said, in a walkable area with bus service.

“Moving and renaming the health center is not just about changing its address; it's about
reaffirming our commitment to the community we’ve served for nearly 30 years,” said Stephen
Bello, regional executive director of Northwell’s Eastern region. “The new location, nestled in
the heart of the neighborhood it serves and conveniently close to bus lines, ensures that our care
remains accessible to all.”

The center will also offer such services as signing patients up for social services and health exchange programs so that people have insurance coverage. Suffolk County will have an office in the building for the Women, Infants and Children nutritional program.

“Our health center is a testament to the power of word of mouth, much like a beloved
restaurant that stands the test of time because people flock to it,” Fitterman said. “On Long Island, everyone knows of us because we’ve built a reputation for care. Our mission is clear: to elevate the health of the communities we serve. From our homeless to immigrant patients, we open our doors to all, offering care that’s not just accessible but compassionate.”

Pediatrician Dr. William C. Gehrhardt said he expected that pediatric care will involve about about 45 percent of the estimated 135 patients it expects to see each day.

“In following our mission, we are here to raise the overall health of the diverse
communities we serve by providing comprehensive high-quality patient care with equity and
compassion,” said Lee Raifman, MA HA, associate vice president of Operations and
Administrative Director of NFHC. “As we continue to meet the needs of our patient population,
this new state-of-the-art health center will provide even greater access to care, located right in the
heart of the communities we serve.”

Northwell and Huntington Hospital officials provided a tour of the center on Wednesday.

The center will be open five days a week.

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