Parkland Victim’s Family in Albany as New Gun Bills Pass


State Sen. Jim Gaughran and Assemblyman Steve Stern hosted Linda Beigel Schulman and her husband, Michael Schulman, as the Senate honored her son, Scott, who was killed at the Parkland school massacre last year. Assemblyman Steve Stern with Linda Beigel

They were in Albany on the day that the New York State Legislature voted to approve several new gun measures. The bills include a Red Flag law, which would provide a method for family members, law enforcement and school officials to ask courts to remove guns from an individual determined to be a risk to themselves or others.

Beigel was a teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School where a 17 people were shot to death on Feb. 14. Students said he was shepherding some of them to safety when he was killed.

Gov. Cuomo is expected to sign the six bills.

 “This is the moral issue of our time,”  Stern said.  “For far too long, we have faced tragedy after tragedy, in schools, houses of worship, our workplaces, and places of recreation.  We are entitled to be safe in our daily lives.  No parent should pick their child up from the morgue instead of from the school bus stop.  Today we say enough is more than enough.  Today, we take meaningful action to protect the lives of New Yorkers from gun violence.”

Hochul, Parkland Victim’s Mother Push Gun-Control Measures




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