New Office Pet Hogs the Spotlight, a Melville  e-commerce company, has added a pig to its lineup of office pets.

Employee Steve Erickson brought his pet pig, Truffles, into the office recently for a day of snorts and tail wagging.

While dogs tend to be the norm around the office, Erickson wanted to bring in his ­­now 24 pound pet pig. “I really enjoyed seeing everyone bring their dogs in the office,” said Erickson. “Once I got Truffles, I thought it would be so much fun to introduce my new pet to my coworkers. Plus, it was right around the same time as the Chinese New Year, and it just so happens to be the year of the pig. The timing was perfect,” Erickson said.

Employees were thrilled to hear that a pig was going to be visiting the office. “It felt like when Ed Sullivan introduced The Beatles, everybody was so excited,” said Erickson.

“There was a buildup for a few days of everybody asking when she was coming. I imagine there’s not a lot of workplaces that would have let me bring her in,” he said. Now both dogs and pigs alike are welcome in the office, whether it’s for a few hours or the whole day.

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